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Byadminply May 19, 2021

Celebrating Europe Day

Last week in 9 of may , It was the anniversary of the first Europe Declaration and to Celebrate it, our proyect developed several activities li

Byadminply Apr 28, 2021

Coordination Virtual meeting 27/04/2021

To overcome the management of this project with a complexity of 6 schools in differents countries, 4 time zones and different schools calendar

Byadminply Apr 28, 2021

Starting to develop the Virtual Museum

Creating a Virtual Museum is one of the objetives of this project ... we are starting to develop this Museum which will be a great contribution

Byadminply Apr 28, 2021

Swot Analysis workshop & Crafts Swot Analysis

Use SWOT Analysis is an system to assess an organization's or sector current position to Find out what's working well, and what's not so good.

Byadminply Feb 28, 2021

Etwinning Manual for the students

We have created this manual for our students to create their reseachs and upload them to the different platforms of the project. Etwinni

Byadminply Jan 28, 2021

How to upload your students to Etwenning Virtual Workshop

Some profesors of the eucraft project found some problems when creating the users f their students to Etwenning and to solve it we proposed th

Byadminply Nov 19, 2020

Participation in Hackaton Tech 2020

Eucraft students partipates in the HACKATHON TECH contest to create some of the products of the project. "A technological challenge applied t

Byadminply Sep 21, 2020

Mobility C2 United Kingdom – European Congress: “Innovative methodologies for the implementation of international educational projects”

This Mobility C2 United Kingdom Mobility has been configurated as the 2nd European Congress: "Innovative methodologies for the implementation

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