Objetives of the project


Objetives of the project

We have set up 6 main objetives for this project. (updated with the implementations of the objetives)

1) Create a virtual museum with craft trades in Europe to contribute to conserving European cultural heritage, enhancing its value and guaranteeing its transmission to future generations.

We will work with the students and teachers using the Etwinning project to make the collaborations between students in differents countries. The result has been a website with information about many crafts in europe the Product A44 : museum.eucrafts.eu

2) Develop an app with “App inventor” that collects the artisan trades that are at risk of disappearing in Europe.

Students & Teachers will collaborate to create an app with this information using a Etwinning project to improve the collaboration between students. This product can be downloaded in this link http://eucrafts.eu/a43-app-with-trades-at-risk-getting-lost/

3) Promote employability and youth entrepreneurship in the craft sector, based on the opportunities offered by new technologies, in order to attract young people to these trades in a way that guarantees their continuity.

This objetive will be developed in several final products. Economics & ITC Teachers will create an exelearning didactics units to improve the entrepreneurship in relation with crafts. It will be translated to many languages of the project. This Didactic units can be downloaded in this link http://eucrafts.eu/a38-enterpreneurship-didactic-units-final-product/

4) Build an online collaborative network that connects schools with the artisan productive fabric.

We have work this in several ways the main one has been a database of collaborating schools, organizations and crafters who had participated in the project we have explicited this collaboration in website and Infography that has been sent to all participants . Can be checked here https://eucrafts.eu/a44-collaboration-network/
Other way to implement this collaboration has been with the use of the A0: Etwinning Channel which was awarded in some countries with the quality label.

5) Design and apply innovative educational practices that make learning relevant and facilitate the acquisition of key skills by students.

In one hand, We have developed more than 143 formative actions during and between the movilities that can be checked here http://eucrafts.eu/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/Multiplicity-Events-Activities-2.pdf
This practices have been developed in sinergy with many local educational projects.
In the other hand, students have created Innovative materials like the creation of the A37 Online Radio with interviews of the students about their crafts. https://soundcloud.com/eucrafts-erasmus or our online video channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE018dqU6tmdVou4QdGmuFw/videos

6) Development of a board game with 3D printing to eliminate gender stereotypes in access to these ancestral trades

This Product has been planned a crafts Trivial andi it was developed in many phases, first with the creation of an Etwinning Activity where students could send the questions & secondly with the creation of the 3d pieces & instructions and finally the global translation to each language. A copy of each game was printed by czech team and a tournament was made last day. It can be downloaded here. http://eucrafts.eu/a41-board-game/

vative entrepreneurship methodologies like SWOT, Canvas model, design thinking in many workshops which were implemented in the Activity A33 Mini-Companies Fair where students mixed them.

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