A35: Evaluation plan


A35: Evaluation plan

We will evaluate the success of the project in 4 dimensions

  1. Consecution of the Planned Activities in Moblilities
  2. Consecution of the Planned Products
  3. Awards & Dissemination of the project
  4. Individual Evaluation of each mobility.

1. Consecution of the Planned Activities in Moblilities

455 % of consecution of the
Planned Activities in mobilities

Each country has prepared by far more activities which where planned and the average of activities developed are 455 % of the planned (there were 34 planeed activities and teams have developed 143! )

MoblilityPlanned Mandatory
Developed Activities
within the Mobility
% of Consecution
C1 Spain625500%
C2 Uk529580%
C3 Lithuania617283%
C4 Iceland621350%
C5 C. Republic616320%
C6 Estonia535700%
Total 34143
Average5,6723.8455 %

You can donwload a summary of the activities in this link

2. Development of the Planned Products

100% of all the planned products have
been elaborated with high quality standards

This project was planned to make a great effort for all teams to create a amazing number of high quality products . The problem was that we haven’t demanded specific budget to develop this products so we have had to work hard and create them only by the effort of the teachers & Students.

100% of all the planned products have been elaborated and can be seen in this website in the following links:

In this mobility, we make the presentation of the final products of the projects

3. Awards & Dissemination of the project

Only in the eucrafts.eu webs, we have got more than 100.000 interactions, without counting on Social Networks & Newspapers. We have been granted with a Etwinning Quality Label.

Website eucrafts.eu : We have got more than 100.000 interactions in our website
(it can be checked here https://eucrafts.eu/stats-visits/ )

Twitter : We have worked in the interearcions of this Social network to count with more than 3000 followers. https://twitter.com/dtse_erasmus

Youtube: We have worked to create a very interesting Youtube channel with information about the activities in the project

Issuu / Ebook : many of the materials prepared in this project have been uploaded to this Channel for its diffussion.

Media : Several newspapers and local tv have informed of our activities.

Awards : We worked in the etwining platform and got the quality label in our project in two of the countries in Lithuania and Czech Republic

4. Individual Evaluation of each mobility.

In the UIPEC project, Coordinators to establish two ways to evaluate the progress of the project
The first one was a meeting that professors held at the end of each mobility to suggest and evaluate what had being successful and what we should change.

The second one but more important was an online google form that should be to be filled by students and teachers participating in the mobilities

The results were 80-95% of satisfaction with the mobilities

Evaluation Results Direct Links

C1 Spain mobility Evaluation results

C2 United Kingdom mobility Evaluation results

C4 Iceland mobility Evaluation results

C5 Czech Republic mobility Evaluation results

C3 Lithuania mobility Evaluation results

C6 Estonia mobilityEvaluation results

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