A44 Collaboration Network


A44 Collaboration Network

This product was one of the final demanded products, a collaboration network which make explicit the links with entreprises, organizations, ONGs and schools which were developed during this project.

This project has three main areas of action, crafts & art , Entrepreneurship & new technologies (ICT)

During this project we have interatuated with many entreprises and organizations which with we have created a very dense network within all Europe in this page we explicite most of the stakeholders which have collaborated with us.

Collaboration network can be seen at a glance in this infography. You can download this inforgraphy in PDF format ready for A3 Printing in high quality in this link

Collaboration Patners from each country.

UK Patners

  • Rochester University of Creative Arts
  • Activity A9: CANVAS model in handicraft.
  • Workshop: Introducing the Canvas Business Model and aims of the week
  • The Design Museum
  • Activity A11: Marketing 3.0 in crafts.
  • Interviews @ The Design Museum
  • https://designmuseum.org/
  • Akram Fahmi from 1508london.com
  • https://1508london.com/
  • Interviews for the Architecture and Furniture students groups
  • Natasha Steer
  • Activity A8: Entrepreneurial artisan women.
  • Guest Presentation: Life as a Creative Practitioner
  • https://creatabot.co.uk
  • Opportunities for Interviews with Natasha Steer for all groups

  • Katie Briggs & Sarah Fisherman from the textile review
  • Activity A10: Financial education for craft trades Guest Presentation: Innovative Business Ideas in the Creative Industries
  • https://www.thetextilereview.com/
  • Interviews with Katie Briggs for Textiles and Fashion Groups
  • Interviews with Sarah Fisherman for textiles and fashion groups
  • Sam Hall and Barry Fentiman from Wordsmithery
  • Activity Interview for students of the Word & Furniture group
  • Interview to Sam Hall and Barry Fentiman for Written Word group
  • https://www.wordsmithery.info/

Estonia Patners

  • Kolga Seltsimaja
  • https://www.kolgaseltsimaja.ee/
  • With the Kolga Seltsimaja Crafters we developed Workshops about woodcrafts, Wedding stripes and forest survival.
  • Asuur Ceramics Studio in Loewenschede Tower
  • http://shorturl.at/lnLQU
  • In the Asuur Ceramics Studio in Loewenschede Tower, students learned to make their own ceramics
  • Great Guild Hall Museum
  • https://www.ajaloomuuseum.ee/
  • Great Guilds were the associations of crafters in the past. in this Guilds Hall Museum , our students learned about the work organization in the middle ages .

Spain Patners

  • Malaga TechPark
  • https://www.pta.es/
  • Our students visited Malaga TechPark in their installations where we make a workshop about entrepreneurship and crafts
  • ETSI Malaga ICT University
  • https://www.uma.es/ETSI-informatica
  • Malaga ICT University made for us a visit to their complex and showed us some very interesting projects and the chances students have to study on it.
  • Consejeria de Turismo de Ronda
  • We had the chance to visit ronda and make a escape room activity to discover the history and crafts of this town.
  • https://www.turismoderonda.es
  • Td Consulting & la Fabrica del videojuego
  • https://lafabricadelvideojuego.com/
  • https://tdconsulting.es/
  • Td Consulting & la Fabrica del videojuego collaborated with our project with the development of several ITC workshops.
  • Edufinet
  • https://www.edufinet.com/
  • Edufinet is an Organization that promotes the entrepreneurship in the schools with materials and help our project in several ways.

Czech Republic patners

Iceland Patners

  • Vatnsleysu Horse Farm – Icelandic Pedigri
  • Vatnsleysu Horse Farm is one of the farms with Icelandic Pedigri of horses they made for us a domostration of horse and also the crafts associated to to horse like the creation of horseshoes
  • Glaumbaer Farm
  • http://www.glaumbaer.is/
  • Glaumbaer farmhouse is said to have stood on the hill at Glaumbær since the Age of the Settlements. In this farm students could learn about how critical were the crafts in the past which could determinte the survival of a community.
  • Nordic fish Leather
  • https://nordicfishleather.com/contact-us/
  • Nordic fish Leather is an innovative crafts company with works with the fnv school to develop a diferent type of leather work based in the skins of fish. They made for us an exhibition
  • 1238 The Battle of Iceland is an immersive exhibition
  • https://1238.is/
  • We had the chance to visit the 1238 The Battle of Iceland VR Museum.
  • Hofsos
  • We had the the chance to visit this town and it’s celebre basalt columns with a guide of the town
  • https://goo.gl/maps/G7RM4fUSLE6HHcdp9

    Myrkur games
  • https://myrkur.is/
  • Myrkur games is an innovative Icelandic videogame company . We were lucky that they made for us a videoconference showing us how traditional crafts are used to create objects that are digitalized and used in videogames.
  • Reykir – Grettislaug
  • https://utilegukortid.is/tjaldsvaedi/grettislaug-a-reykholum/
  • This open air warm pool which is part of the legends and crafts of the region as it was constructed by one of the mithical heros of viking sagas: Gréttar who was said to live in the Dragnay island and swim some kilometers to use this pool. Students & teachers learned about this history of the pool by the word of a guide of the pool.

Lithuanian Patners

  • Druskos Studija
  • https://www.druskosstudija.lt/
  • Druskos Studija is an organization especialiazed in a very special craft, the use of prehistoric salt as material of the constrution of their crafts. They made a very interesting workshop for us.
  • Lietuvos nacionalinis kultūros centras
  • http://savadas.lnkc.lt/verbos.html
  • We have the chance to count of an expert of the Lietuvos nacionalinis kultūros centras
  • to develop the verbos and other crafts workshops about the lithuanian Compendium of Intangible Cultural Heritage Values.
  • Senoji kibininė
  • https://www.kibinas.lt/en/main-2/
  • Senoji kibininė is an restaurant that make one of the most popular cakes in lithuania. They make a workshop for our project to show us their secrets.

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