Vilniaus Karoliniškių Gimnazija (Lithuania)


Vilniaus Karoliniškių Gimnazija (Lithuania)

The Vilnius Karoliniskes gymansium school is located in Vilnius, Lithuania. Our students are between 15 and 19 years old. We have 678 students and 61 teachers. We are a multilingual center specialized in contemporary languages ​​(English, French, German and Russian).

The School cooperate closely in various transversal programs with the Technical University of Vilnius Gediminas. We have a powerful network of national contacts with cultural and craft organizations.

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The Organization have a deep knowledge of the business reality of the environment because a high percentage of teachers combine their teaching work with work in companies. Our educational center has its own strategic plan for the next ten years synthesized in two objectives: -Internationalize the curriculum. -Prepare young people for university and the world of work.

Where is Vilniaus Karoliniškių Gimnazija?

The Organization is interested in participating in this project because it is aimed at preserving and promoting our cultural heritage. In our school some subjects, such as history, literature, arts and crafts have contents closely linked to Baltic ethnoculture. The Organization is concerned to maintain, and we are concerned with preserving, our own national uniqueness as part of the valuable European cultural heritage. This project gives us the opportunity to show it to the rest of Europe.

Our School contribute our experience in international projects and the opportunities that our natural and artisanal heritage offers for entrepreneurship.

Vilniaus Karoliniškių Gimnazija participate in a national project based on multiculturalism. That helped us to create an important network of cultural organizations that we can offer to this consortium. Our staff is composed of creative, very organized and responsible people. Our main contributions to this project are our experience in networking, multilingualism and the availability of families to welcome and share their knowledge.

Our center is one of the first organizing schools of handicraft fairs in our country. Other skills and knowledge of the key people of our team for this project is that they have been tutors of teachers in secondary schools, tutors for the pedagogical training of university students who aspire to be future teachers, authors of textbooks and other curricular materials to The artistic area. The high level of English of our entire team will guarantee a smooth communication so that collaborative work is effective.

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