A33: crafts mini-companies fair


A33: crafts mini-companies fair

This activity is part of the A33 Crafts Entreprise fair A33: crafts mini-companies fair it was one of the final products which take place in Saku, Here you can see some of the proposals based in Canvas Model

It was organized under the leadership of Innicia Team of IES Playamar and to make diffusion of it we used the Etwinning and youtube Platform.

The fair consisted on that students prepared some companies using canvas about crafts using ICT and then they had to present the entreprise.

Video Presentations

Some of the presentations have been uploaded to our youtube channel

Spanish Team Presentation

United Kingdom
Team Presentation
Team Presentation
Team Presentation

Canvas Model

We used Canvas Model to create the companies model

Some examples of the companies Canvas Made By students

PDF Presentations of Entreprises propose for the International Crafts fair in Lithuania

Blockchain Crafts

Cami Z – Arduino T-Shirts

Crafted Moodding 

ORnn-Rreira Metalworks Crafts

Infinity Paints NTFS Crafted Paints


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