A43: App with trades at risk getting lost.


A43: App with trades at risk getting lost.

This “A43: App with trades at risk getting lost” is one of the final products created in our project.

It was made colectively by the students and teachers of each country.

You can download each version here

1º Getting the information

Students created the information about the crafts and send to the project using the etwinning platform


and google forms to recolect the info


2º Programming the app

ITC Computer Vet Students of the spanish team (IES Playamar) have developed the app using the platform of App Inventor

3º Translation of the app

The info has been prepared in the common project languaje but we want it in each patner languaje so we have created a shared document with the app information so that students from each country can translate it to their language (Spanish, Lithuanian, Estonian, Icelandic & Czech)

4º Diffusion of the app

Source Code has been uploaded to the mit gallery


Download the app

It can be downloaded here now you have to grant special permissions to your mobile phone to install it

Clic to download the app

Tutorial to install it here :

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