Participation in this project in the development of the long -term participating centers will involve a methodological and technological change. The exchange of training between centers with different potentials, but at the same time complementary, will allow the project objectives to be achieved. The way we are going to do it is by integrating the objectives of the project into our Annual Plan.We will do it in all schools.

The methodologies that we are going to learn, and exchange, are optimal for working on a competency -based curriculum. The technologies used are fundamental to guarantee in the long term the labor insertion of our students, and for the centers, they suppose some necessary tools with which to face the challenges implied by the fourth industrial revolution for the educational systems. Sustainability is guaranteed because:

1) The interactive virtual museum on craft trades, the “App” on trades at risk of being lost and teaching units, which will be published on the web and, therefore, will be freely accessible (Under Creative Commons license) . They are therefore the backbone of the sustainability of the project because they will be available beyond two years of subsidy. The work model in our project has a clear focus on social responsibility because we seek the general interest. The results of the project may be transmitted and used in other European countries.

2) The multichannel online platform is a great collaboration network that will bring together all the agents of interest in the craft sector. They will be added as through the dissemination plan in social networks it is implemented, beyond the two -year duration of the project.

The durability and involvement in that network will depend on the links between the centers, which will be strengthened through the mobilities and the network of stakeholders (associations of artisans, foundations, local and regional policy makers, universities etc). The dissemination through the media will make the project attractive to artisans and artisans, who have an opportunity to promote themselves within it. It will be available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. With this final product we are contributing to preserve European cultural heritage, to value it and to guarantee its transmission to future generations. While reinforcing the idea that the preservation of handicrafts is linked to the concept of the circular economy.

3) The App on trades at risk of disappearing will be free to download from Playstore and will remain available after two years of project grant.

4) The personal relationships created between the members of the project teams of the associated centers will be maintained thanks to the virtual spaces, mainly through eTwinning.


Please describe the dissemination and use plans of the project results.How will you disseminate the results of the project within the association, to local communities and to the wider public? What are the main target groups with whom you would like to share the results? Are there other organizations or groups that will benefit from your project? Please explain how. Our strategic dissemination plan has the following three dimensions:

1) Dissemination among the centers: Among the partners the dissemination of the results will be carried out using several ways. On the one hand, we will create working groups with the WhatsApp tool for teachers and the other with the Telegram tool for students. In them we will publish the different activities carried out within the framework of the project. Students will also use the eTwinning platform Through Twinspace students will be able to disseminate and share the activities that are done in each partner center through the live platform, using forums, chats or videoconferences. On the other hand, the partner professors pledged to upload the activities carried out to the project website (at least two entries per center and month). For this we will create a user to each center in a collaborative website.

2) Dissemination at local level: We will organize fairs and competitions on handicrafts to publicize the final products. We will invite local agents in which the media have an interest in providing coverage.

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