UIPEC European Congress


UIPEC European Congress

Information about Mobilities:
C1 Spain // C2 United Kingdom // C3 Czech Republic // C4 Iceland //C5 Lithuania // C6 Estonia

Shared GBPE C4 Spain // Shared GBPE C3 Portugal

This Erasmus Project has set up its 6 Mobilities as European congress to develop all the objetives, activities and Final products. Due to Covid restrictions to travel and local matters this has been a very difficult to manage and we have to make changes in the original planification as can be seen in the Down calendar.

C1 I European Congress Spain

Spain   Teachers   04-11-2019
Mandatory Activities by Project BLOCK II (ENTREPRENEURSHIP)
A0: Working group in eTwinning.
A1: Official presentation of the project to stakeholders.
A2: Platforms for effective and secure communication: Twinspace.
A3: Problem Based Learning with Google classroom tools.
A4: Project Based Learning (PBL).
A5: Cooperative learning and inclusive methodologies.
A6: Dimensions and applications of emotional intelligence.

More info : http://eucrafts.eu/c1-spain/

C2 II European Congress United Kingdom “Collaborative Entrepreneruship between European Schools”

7 Students & 2 Teachers (24-28)-02-2020

Mandatory Activities by Project BLOCK II (ENTREPRENEURSHIP):
A7: Connection between competencies in schools and the world of work.
A8: Women artisan entrepreneurs.
A9: CANVAS model in crafts.
A10: Financial education for crafts.
A11: Marketing 3.0 in crafts

More info http://eucrafts.eu/mobility-c2-united-kingdom-european-congress-innovative-methodologies-for-the-implementation-of-international-educational-projects/


Originaly September 2021 –> Moved to September 2022

2 Teachers & 2-3 additional students for students Host schools *

11-09-2021 – 18-09-2021 –

Mandatory Activities by Project BLOCK V (VIRTUAL REALITY)
A24: Virtual Reality (VR) and Digital citizenship.
A25: Innovation and entrepreneurship with VR.
A26: VR applications to crafts.
A27: Craft in virtual games (minecraft).
A28: Neotelling with “App inventor”.
A29: Advanced Photoshop to promote crafts.

More info: http://eucrafts.eu/mobility-c4-iceland-european-congress-design-with-3d-printing-applications-to-art-and-european-craftsmanship/

C5 V European Congress Czech Republic
Virtual Reality Applied to European Cultural Heritage”

Originaly April 2021 –> Moved to April 2022

2 Teachers & 3 additional students for students Host schools *

Mandatory Activities by Project : BLOCK IV (3D PRINTING)
A18: 3D Printing Technologies.
A19: Software to design.
A20: FDM printing.
A21: Materials for 3D printing.
A22: Workflow: From design to 3D printing.
A23: Postprocessed after 3D printing

More info: http://eucrafts.eu/mobility-c5-czech-republic/

C3 VI European Congress: Lithuania

Originaly April 2021 –> Moved to April 2022

7 Students & 2 Teachers

Mandatory Activities by Project BLOCK III (HANDCRAFT)
A12: Visual Thinking.
A13: Craft as a cultural industry.
A14: Design as a transmission of culture.
A15: Psychology of color and visual codes.
A16: Historical milestones in European crafts.
A17: Crafts in traditional gastronomy.

More info: http://eucrafts.eu/mobility-c3-lithuania-european-congress-the-value-of-european-craftsmanship-as-transmitter-of-our-culture/

C6 VI European Congress: Estonia

Originaly May 2020 –> Moved to October 2020 –> Moved to April 2022

7 Students & 2 Teachers

Mandatory Activities by Project BLOCK VI (NETWORKS AND FINAL PRODUCTS)
A30: Wayfinding: a window to creativity.
A31: Create collaborative networks with the artisanal sector.
A32: Videographic exhibition of ancestral trades in Europe.
A33: Handicraft Students Entrerprises mini-fair.
A34: Official presentation of final products.

More info: http://eucrafts.eu/mobility-c6-estonia-vi-european-conference-creation-of-collaborative-networks-as-basis-of-territorial-development/

Shared Mobilities GBPE & UIPEC

Three of the six school have developed additional activities in a another common project GBPE

Shared GBPE C3 VI European Congress: Portugal : Programing, Entreprenurship Art & Crafts

More info http://eucrafts.eu/shared-gbpe-uipec-portugal-mobility-c3/

This Mobility C3 in Portugal, has been configurated as the 3nd European Congress: “Programing, Entreprenurship Art & Crafts ” of the Project GBPE with activities for UIPEC project.

Shared GBPE C4 VI European Congress: Spain

More info http://eucrafts.eu/shared-mobility-gbpe-c4-spain/

This Shared Mobility GBPE C4 Spain , has been configurated as the 4th European Congress: “Innovative tools For ICT Learning”  As 3 of the 5 patners (Spain, Iceland & Czech Republic ) of the project are part of the UIPEC Project, which has some commons objetives, we have created some activities which are helpfull to both projects.

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