Monthly Archive August 2022


Mobility M7 Spain VII Coordination Mobility

This Mobility M7 Spain Mobility has been configurated as the Optional Final Coordination Mobility of the Project : Using ICTs to preserve European Craftsmanship. with code 2019-1-ES01-KA229-065673

The objetive of this mobility was to develop tasks such as dissemination, Final Report development and preparations for the sustainablity of the project.

As this Moblility was not in the budget, it was offered to those patners who had the chance to accomplish it voluntary and that could afford it.

This movility was developed during days 5 to 10 of August of 2022.

The planning was the following

  • Thursday 4/8/22 Improving the dissemination of the project. Plannification of new Etwinning project for next year as nexus and for future collaborations. Cultural Visit in Malaga
  • Friday 5/8/22 Checking final products translations. Cultural Visit
  • Monday 8/8/22 Final Project revision and Filling. Tarifa Cultural Visit
  • Tuesday 9/8/22 Final Project revision and Filling. Final Dinner

From this lines we want to thank organizators them for their attentions and the participants who had the chance to attend the mobility.