Online Radio Interview Script


Online Radio Interview Script

This is the Interview Script that have to prepare the students to create the online radio.

​Erasmus Podcast Activity

  1. Students will work in teams of 3. One of them will be the interviewer, the other two are the “experts”.
  1. Each team will create a script about a craft of their country, (you have a model in the next page).
  1. Students have to add 10 Questions and the Answers about this crafts so the record can last 5-10 minutes .
  1. Finally they will have to record it with the record function of a mobile phone and send it to their teacher by mail with the script.

Example of Script to do an interview about crafts for the podcast (you can use if for your script):

Student Interviewer: Good morning Welcome to the podcast of tErasmus Eucraft project. In this program we encourage the use of media, the oral skills and social entrepreneurship and the promotion of crafts in educational centers.

Greetings also to our Patner centers. IES Playamar from Torremolinos in Spain , Fjölbrautaskóli Norðurlands Vestra from Souderkrokur in Iceland , Fulston Manor School from Sittingbourne in UK, Mendelova střední škola from Novy Jicin in Czech Republic, Saku Gümnaasium from Tallinn in Estonia and Vilniaus Karoliniškių Gimnazija from Vilnus in Lithuania.

Today we have (Student1) and (Student2), two excellent students who have prepared this topic to share it with you.

interviewer: Hello Student1.

Student expert1: Hello

Student Interviewer: Good morning Student2,

Student expert2: Good morning

Student Interviewer: In this Program today we are going to talk about the crafted Ceramics

Student Interviewer: Question1 Example: how are important the crafted Ceramics in your country?

Student expert1: Answer1 Development in English

Student Interviewer: Question2 Example: Where can we find this craft?

Student expert2: Answer2 Development in English

Student Interviewer:Question3Could you explain the phases to us briefly?

Student expert1: Answer1 Development in English

Student Interviewer:

Well I hope you like this podcast and follow us on the project website, in which we show the activities carried out and on the IVOOX channel. Greetings!

all: Bye

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