Exhibition Glaumbær Ancient craftings way of live


Exhibition Glaumbær Ancient craftings way of live

In Glaumbær we can find one of the oldest farms still up in iceland and its museum is a wonderful way to learn about traditional crafts of iceland.

In the development of the Iceland C4 UIPEC Congress the day 15-09-2021 . We visit, Vatnsleysu , and recibed a speech about how hard the life was in past and how crafts helped to survive

The Glaumbær Folk Museum in Skagafjörður was founded in 1948 after a decade of preparations. The exhibition, which opened to the public in June 1952, shows how people lived in the 19th century and the atmosphere that prevailed at the time.

Many crafts were developed here from cheesemaking, wool sewing, tradicional music, woodworking , meat processing and you can find examples of all of them in the museum.

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