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Working Session 2: Mobilties & Activities

The Second Working Session which was held in ies playamar in C1 Mobility at Monday 4, of november 2019 to Plan and establish the objetives, Dates and responsabilities of the mobililities of the project

Spanish Coordinators A. Ballesteros and A. Gonzalez explained the Mobilities which according to the project will be make in the next 2 academic courses.

Here you can download the presentation

It’s also here in our Ebooks channel


EuCrafts in Torremolinos Tv

Our project patners were interviewed on Torremolinos Tv, we can see this interview here from minute 9

We have also uploaded to Youtube.


Working Session 0: School Presentations

The Working Session Cero was held in ies playamar in C1 Mobility at Monday 4, of november 2019 intended to explain the development of the planning of this mobility and to present each school to others.

Each Coordinator of the school presented its centers and town. Also The relation with the Craftmanship in their region.

You can see the presentation here


Mobility C1 Spain – European Congress: “Innovative methodologies for the implementation of international educational projects”

This Mobility C1 Spain Has been configurated as the 1st European Congress: “Innovative methodologies for the implementation of international educational projects” of the Project : Using ICTs to preserve European Craftsmanship. with code 2019-1-ES01-KA219-065673

In this congress Teachers from the diffents schools of the erasmus project and students of the IES Playamar participated in the following activities : cultural activities, formation sessions , Working Sessions.

You can download the pdf document here

Monday 4.11.19
09:15 Official Welcome & Program Presentation & Coffee
09:45 Working Session 0: School Presentations.
10:15 Working Session 1: Action Project Plan
11:00 A3: Problem Based Learning with Google classroom Tools
11:40 Torremolinos Tv Interview
12:00 Tour at the School
12:45 A4: Project Based Learning (PBL). Good Practices in IES Playamar Comunica, Aula de jaque, Innicia y Aldea
13:30 Working Session 2: Mobilties & Activities
14:30 Lunch Casa Florido
16:30 Torremolinos Heritage Historical Visit
Tuesday 5.11
08:15: A5 Cooperative learning and inclusive methodologies. IES Playamar Case
09:00: A6 Dimensions and applications of emotional intelligence. Mindfullness and Creativity Crafting
09:45: Working Session 3: Dissemination plans, Website, Logo Contest & Social Netwoks.
10:30: Breakfast at School
11:15: Formation Session A0 y A2: Platforms for effective and safe communication: Etwinning & Twinspace.
12:30 : Working Session 4: Final Products & Coordinations Responsabilities
14:00 : Lunch
16:00 : Free time Recomendations : Cocodrile park, Battery Park & Boat, Inca Botanic Garden, Handmade Market, Shopping San Miguel Street .
Wednesday 6.11
7:15 Bus to Sevilla & Breakfast
11:00 Museum of Popular Arts and Crafts
12:00 Archaeological Museum of Andalucia
13:00 Guided visit to 1929 International Fair Plaza de España & Stars Wars scene.
14:00 Lunch la taberna del Arenal
15:15 Gold Tower & San telmo Bridge
Historic Center visit & handmade shops visit
Archivo General de Indias & Magallanes Expedition Exposition Giralda Tower & Cathedral visit Crafting in the Midle Ages
17:30 Going back to Málaga
20:15 Arrive to Torremolinos
Thursday 7.11
8:00-10:00 A1: Official presentation of the project to Stakeholders , Town hall
Train to Málaga. Málaga Museum of Popular Arts and Crafts.
Breakfast in Málaga
Malaga city Center, Sweet Wine Degustation
14:30 Lunch
15:30 Malaga Craftship Entreprise visit
Walls Museum Historic & Artistic Museum of Málaga.
Sea Crafting Activities Trip Mundo Marino
Going Back to Torremolinos
22:00 Farewell Dinner
Friday 8.11.19
9:15 Working Session 5: Fill Documentation & Budget
10:15 Administrative Tasks
11:30 Breakfast at School
11:30 Working Session 6: Evaluations
12:45 Tickets collecting


C1 Cultural visits

One of the most important objetives of Eramus program is to improve the knowledge of the different cultures to archieve this goal we prepared several cultural activities

Torremolinos Cultural Visit Monday Everning

We learned the historical context of Torremolinos and how crafts in the mills (the name of the town translated is Tower mills ) where applied.

Malaga Cultural Visit Thursday afternoon

We learned the historical context of malaga and his bet for the promotion of the culture we visit several museums like popular crafts museum, Boat Excursion, modern art museum, Malaga history museum and the natal house of Picasso.

Sevilla Cultural Visit Wednesday

Sevilla has been the cultural capital of Andalucia and Their crafts are known world wide in the visit to sevilla we discover the Crafts and popular art museum, Historic Magallanes Exposition in Sevilla, we visit Crafting museum of the cathedral and the giralda tower, highest world tower from 1200 to 1600 .