C1 Cultural visits


C1 Cultural visits

One of the most important objetives of Eramus program is to improve the knowledge of the different cultures to archieve this goal we prepared several cultural activities

Torremolinos Cultural Visit Monday Everning

We learned the historical context of Torremolinos and how crafts in the mills (the name of the town translated is Tower mills ) where applied.


Malaga Cultural Visit Thursday afternoon

We learned the historical context of malaga and his bet for the promotion of the culture we visit several museums like popular crafts museum, Boat Excursion, modern art museum, Malaga history museum and the natal house of Picasso.

Sevilla Cultural Visit Wednesday

Sevilla has been the cultural capital of Andalucia and Their crafts are known world wide in the visit to sevilla we discover the Crafts and popular art museum, Historic Magallanes Exposition in Sevilla, we visit Crafting museum of the cathedral and the giralda tower, highest world tower from 1200 to 1600 .


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