A41 Board Game – Final Product


A41 Board Game – Final Product

6 versions of the Game

Development of the Game

Gamification is one of the most succesfull and innovative tools to promote dificult topics among youngsters

One of the final products which we proposed in the project to promote crafts was the creation of a Board Game to improve the culture of crafts between schools.

In the Mobility C3 we developed an activity (http://eucrafts.eu/mobility-c3-czech-republic/#boardgame) in which each team proposed several board games usign visual design techniques.

Finally, we decided to start the game based in a Trivial Model . Czech team created our Board table :

Czech Republic Team created the pieces for gaming with the students in 3d and printed them

Students of each country created the questions for the trivial using this form ( https://forms.gle/TTXEvNJqaTQXuY747 ) and translated them to each language of the project

Finally you can download all the documents in all the Languages of the project.

A41 Board Game Lithuanian Version
A41 Board Game English Version
A41 Board Game Czech Version
A41 Board Game Icelandic Version
A41 Board Game Estonian Version
A41 Board Game Spanish Version

In c6 in Estonia in the presentation of final products activity Czech team prepared a printed set of the game for each patner

After this students make a tournament

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