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Activity proposal in E-twinning for students of the UIPEC project

The Explicative document about this activity is here : Activity proposal in E-twinning for students of the UIPEC project

a) Activity Justification

We must create with the collaboration of the students, the following materials

  • a) The Virtual Museum of European crafts.
  • b) App of the Virtual Museum of European crafts
  • c) Etwinning channel

Etwinning is perfect for working with students but Etwinning is not very attractive so we will use Etwinning for students to keep their “Work on the crafts of each country” but also they must also fill in a google forms with information about the crafts. this form will facilitate the work to create the museum and the rest of obligatory final products for our project.

b) Distribution of tasks among students

1) Creation of the group of students. Each student / group of students (This can be organized as you wish) should do a “job” on “some of the crafts of Europe.”

2) We have established the following categories of crafts that will lead to the different rooms of the virtual museum:

  • 4.1) Glass, ceramic and pottery
  • 4.2) Vegetable fibers
  • 4.3) Wood
  • 4.4) Marble, stone and plaster
  • 4.5) Metal and ironwork
  • 4.6) Fur and skin
  • 4.7) Textile
  • 4.8) Jewelery
  • 4.9) Musical instruments
  • 4.10) Others

Students should look for crafts that are made in your country for the largest possible number of “rooms” (ceramic, glass, Wood…). The idea is that each country made several of each of the “rooms”, although they can also choose from other countries that are not in the project.

It is important that you distribute to each student / group a specific type of craftsmanship. For example, some who investigate on “Ceramics”, others on “plant fibers”, etc … This will be many more works for the museum.

Each teacher can distribute them among the students and evaluate them as they wish in Spain, they are being done as a class work for a subject and it is also part of the scale to select the students who will travel.

3) To facilitate the subsequent processing of the information collected. All jobs must have the same index. We propose the following, which is what our students are following:

  • Index
  • 1) Geographic Area
  • 2) Craft characteristics
  • 3) The technique
  • 4) Used materials
  • 5) History
  • 6) YouTube Vídeos
  • 7) Gallery

c) Student Work

As work students can create Powerpoints, videos or pdf documents

I send you some of the examples that students in Spain are already doing.

I pass the links of some who have already made the students of Spain

D) Delivery of works

The students will deliver the works by etwinning and by the work form. It is mandatory that they be delivered in two ways to comply with the commitments made in the project application:

1) By Etwinning:

In etwinning in should

1st) Access the page

2nd) Login with your user in login

3) Go to the “page” tab.

4º Add a File with your work Clicking on “Add item” in each of the handicraft categories (Ceramic, glass, textile…)

5th) When uploading, put in the “name” field: “country, region. name of the Craft ”and as“ description ”the name of the students.

2) Google Forms IMPORTANT

Students will also have to fill in the following google form to create the rest of the final products of the project:


and fill in the fields following the instructions on the form.